Dr. Goodman,

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did. I know my case was probably a little more difficult with the scoliosis and twist of the spine, however, you were able to make both of my breasts the same size…and even! While I’ll never be perfectly symmetrical, this procedure has helped a lot in balancing me out. 🙂

I felt very confident in choosing you as my doctor and through the process you answered every question honestly and gave me great advice. I can’t thank you enough!

Thank you again and I wish you the best.



I am so very pleased with my surgery results and so very pleased to have you as my doctor. It is very important to have trust and you have and are providing me with excellent care. You and your staff are the best.

I can’t thank you enough.



Dr. Goodman,

A little something to say thank you for all you have done for me.

It is a good feeling to know there are doctors who do care. You are a sweet lady.



Dear Dr. Goodman,

want to thank you for all the lovely care. You’ve exceeded my expectations and I feel very lucky to have found you.

All my best,


Dear Dr. Goodman,

It would be an obvious lie if I said that I enjoyed being any doctor’s patient, but I can honestly say that I never left any doctor’s office when my wife and I felt as calmed and as reassured as after a meeting with you. We thank you for all your efforts, and wish you a long and happy existence both professionally and personally.


Dr. Goodman,

Your understanding and help has been so appreciated. I’m very comfortable and confident regarding the procedure and outcome.

Thanks for arranging everything. Best of luck to you always. Couldn’t have done it without you.



Thanks so much for all that you have done. While it has only been about 2 weeks

I can already feel the difference…and my self confidence is making a comeback.



Dear Dr. Goodman,

Thank you for being so kind and giving me perfect breasts.



Dr. Goodman,

I wanted to extend a warm and heartfelt thanks to you and your many helpers who gave my husband his face back.

You will never know how much easier your spirit, competence, and support made this journey for us both. But of course, especially for him.

Thank you so much!

Our best,

A.F. and C.P.


I’ve tried to write this review several times but I’ve found there are no words or enough Yelp Stars to ever express my gratitude fully to Dr. Cynthia Goodman. But here goes…..

How do you thank the person who saved you from the possibility of horrific disfigured future?
Dr. Goodman reached down and rescued me from a very deep dark place and I’m eternally grateful.

Last December and the beginning of this year I had two separate basal cell carcinoma surgeries on my face done by my dermatologist using Mohs micrographic surgery. First surgery left a deep 25 cent coin size hole in my left cheek. The second surgery left a deep hole bigger than a dime on my left nostril.

My dermatologist is excellent in the craft of Mohs surgery however he is not skilled in reconstructive surgery. He was up front with me regarding this and his office manager recommended Dr. Goodman.

After checking all the frightening sites with photos of Mohs surgery provided on the WWW , I decided I’d better make appointments with Dr Goodman after each Mohs procedure.

Dr. Goodman is truly a confident, gifted and skilled plastic/reconstructive surgeon. My scars are not visible at all. If I didn’t tell you about the holes in my face you would never ever know.

Prior to my surgeries I took a new work photo ID. I use this ID each day for work and am proud to show it off. If you look at the photo and me now… there is no difference. I look exactly the same. This is all thanks to Dr. Goodman.

Dr. Cynthia Goodman, I’m truly blessed to have been referred to you and to have you as my reconstructive surgeon. I want to tell the world YOU ARE THE BEST !!

Thank you


To whom it may concern:

Dr. Goodman is very thorough from the first appointment you have with her until the final appointment. You are never left guessing about anything. She is very professional and knowledgeable about the many options available and what is possible which depends on your individual circumstances.

She provides you with a plethora of information with pictures to study. She happily answers any and all of your questions and concerns. She will ask you what you want and then succinctly explain if it is realistic and possible or if not why.

What she does in the operating room is pure magic. She is one of the most competent doctors I have met, you will not be disappointed with the results!


Dear Doctor Goodman,

It has been over eight months since my breast reduction surgery. I am happier about my decision to undergo the surgery now that I was directly after the operation. The relief from chronic upper back pain was immediate. As the months have proceeded, there continues to be no upper back pain and even lower back pain is decreasing. Without my overly-large breasts, my freedom of movement is wonderful. I am able to move through the day without pending fatigue and my improved range of motion has allowed me to enjoy more readily my daily walks and workouts at the gym. My improved ability to move has led to weight loss and a more vibrant healthy appearance as well. My only regret? That I waited so long to undergo the surgery…I wish I had done it ten years ago!

I wish you and your patients well. I also hope that your professional schedule is filled with people as satisfied as I am after they experience surgery as your client.

Best wishes,


To Whom It May Concern:

I can only give Dr. Goodman my highest recommendation for her high level skill and professionalism.

I had known for some time that surgery was the only answer to my physical situation brought on by a lifetime of weight mis-management and genetic propensities. It had come to a point where at the end of any diet I found dissatisfaction with the results I could create. No diet could remove the excess skin my body had manufactured over the years.

A Tummy Tuck was my solution and despite the pain I had been told I would have and the months of recovery I was not deterred. I elected to have my breasts done at the same time fixing a disparity in size between them and strategically drawing the eye up and making my waist appear smaller.

Now 3 months later I am so happy with the outcome. The money seems small in comparison to the new outlook I have internally and externally, the confidence that my insides are now as beautiful as my outsides. While some would not agree the staying power stands in the notion that I do agree!

Dr. Goodman treated my concerns with seriousness; no question was too silly or too small. She never rushed through a meeting with me because the next patient was waiting. She took time out from her own busy life to remove stitches on a day she was not technically working and came to my house on a Sunday to change a bandage so that my “nurse/mom” could relax… Flowers even arrived at my house the day after I got home. What more can I say than choosing a doctor is a personal thing, not a decision anyone else can make for you. It takes research and lots of questions but the bottom line is that eventually it comes down to a gut feeling. Someone is or isn’t the right Doctor for you and for me Dr. Goodman was the best choice!