Chin Up! Brilliant Non-surgical Approaches to Achieving a Beautiful Jawline


Times were when the ONLY way you could improve the look of your chin and neck were surgically -- with a face or neck lift. But the world has changed, and we have lots of news to share. A strong chin and a defined, sculpted lower face are important for presenting symmetry to your looks no matter what your age, even though aging is usually the cause of the most scrutiny in this part of the face. I often have requests to sit down with clients to assess just how I can make an aging, dimpled or double chin, a wavy jawline, or a hereditary “weak” chin look more angled or streamlined without going under the knife. There are a number of ways to do this, while introducing you to the products that make anything from subtle to dramatic facial sculpting possible. Chin and jawline issues usually revolve around what we call “jowls” -- those little puffs/pads of skin that begin to hang down on either side of the chin itself. They [...]