If watching your diet and exercising to promote good health is a given, how is beauty care so radically different? We work hard to take care of our insides as well as our bodies, but is paying attention to your looks such a narcissistic endeavor? I don’t think so.

Plastic surgeons see people across the age spectrum walk through their doors. Some are trying to fix something that has bothered them, some are worried about how age is treating them, and others just want to look as good as they can. Whether it’s injectables, non-invasive skin-tightening procedures or surgery, I enjoy addressing all of it. 

Some patients will not breathe a word about having come to me, as if spending money on themselves is the ultimate in self-centeredness. In other words, plastic surgery tends to be a deep, dark secret except, perhaps, between BFFs.  While I understand the need to keep this private, I also don’t see the need for shame. If you remodeled parts of your house it would be no big deal and you’d be proud of how your home now reflects who you really are. How are your looks any less important than something you own and keep up? In reality, if it makes you feel better about yourself, why is this considered a “guilty pleasure?” 

When you feel great about how you look, it raises your confidence and you have a better outlook on just about everything. Taking care of your looks means having control over one of the few things in life that is yours and yours alone. If you have questions about refreshing your look we offer a free consultation designed to create a customized plan to address your concerns.  

Beautifully yours ~