Times were when the ONLY way you could improve the look of your chin and neck were surgically — with a face or neck lift. But the world has changed, and we have lots of news to share.

A strong chin and a defined, sculpted lower face are important for presenting symmetry to your looks no matter what your age, even though aging is usually the cause of the most scrutiny in this part of the face. I often have requests to sit down with clients to assess just how I can make an aging, dimpled or double chin, a wavy jawline, or a hereditary “weak” chin look more angled or streamlined without going under the knife.

There are a number of ways to do this, while introducing you to the products that make anything from subtle to dramatic facial sculpting possible. Chin and jawline issues usually revolve around what we call “jowls” — those little puffs/pads of skin that begin to hang down on either side of the chin itself. They often contribute to the “marionette” look as we age. I treat this with what I call a “liquid facelift.” Using dermal fillers (composed mainly of hyaluronic acid or other materials that act as a scaffolding for your own collagen to grow into) or fat (either from a donor or your own fat) to lift cheeks and add volume to the back of the jaw to lift the jowl region, I can camouflage these little pads without making the chin look heavy.

For a weak chin (where there is little delineation between the chin and the neck, either caused by heredity or fat deposits), I can augment this with filler as well, defining the contours that nature did not place there. It’s rejuvenating, it’s redefining, and it’s all done without a knife. I also have ways of doing this so there is much less bruising, pain and swelling that was once associated with facial sculpting. Improved cannulas or blunt needles decrease bleeding and allow for an even delivery of the filler product. For the ultimate in pain management, I also offer Pronox — an “on demand” system for delivering nitrous oxide to distract from the procedure.

Another procedure we specialize in is Ultherapy.  Without the use of needles or cannulas, this device zaps the chin and neck area to regenerate collagen and tighten. Along with hyaluronic acid fillers, it can build a foundation where bone loss has occurred. I can fully explain procedures like Ultherapy in a one-on-one consultation and using a 3-D simulation tool to decide if that is the best way to go for your chin, jowls and neck.

If you’re one of the millions of people pulling the skin back on your jaws or cheeks as you look in the mirror, we have ways of lessening what bothers you in that reflection. The photos we have been posting are a testament to the profound changes we have been able to achieve in the chin, jowls and neck areas.

We are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your individual needs, hopefully offering you a new sense of confidence.