How long until the anesthesia wears off after surgery?

Abdominoplasties or “tummy tucks” are done under general anesthesia. You are usually awake an hour after surgery but the anesthetic effects may take a day or two to completely wear off.

When can I go home?

You will spend one night in the hospital and can go home the following day.

How long until I can drive?

About a week. You will be sore for the first week or so. Especially when sitting-up since the abdominal muscles are tighten during the tummy tuck procedure. When you are not taking any narcotic pain medications (i.e. Darvocet, Tylenol with codeine, Vicodin, or Percocet) you will be able to drive.

How long until I can exercise?

It is important not to do any strenuous exercise for two weeks after a tummy tuck/abdominoplasty. This is because you can tear a small blood vessel and cause a hematoma or blood collection. I recommend that you not do any heavy lifting (nothing more than a phone book) or do any activity that would increase your blood pressure or raise your pulse during those first two weeks post surgery.

How long until I can return to work?

Approximately 2 weeks, depending on the type of job you have.

What kind of timeline can I expect:

  1. Drain removal – 1-2 weeks
  2. Shower – 48 hours after your drains are removed
  3. Suture removal – 10-14 days
  4. Swelling – 1-2 months
  5. Surgical garment – none
  6. Exercise – None for 2 weeks
  7. Work – 2 weeks depending on your job
  8. Regular clothes – 1 week
  9. Follow-up appointments – 1, 2, & 4 weeks and then at 2 months and every few months as needed

Where will the scar be located and how visible will it be?

A tummy tuck scar is from hip to hip just above the pubic hairline (if you have had a C-section, that same scar is used). I hide the scar within your bathing suit line. Since there can be a lot of tension on this scar it may widen or thicken. I follow you very carefully and preventative treatment is done to help make the scar look as thin and flat as possible.

What are the risks and complications of tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery?

Infection, scarring, numbness, pain, changes in skin sensation, skin or umbilicus irregularities, injury to bowel, asymmetry, delayed healing, pulmonary complications, seroma, shock requiring a blood transfusion, and the need for further surgery.

The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck is to contact us and schedule a consultation with Dr. Goodman.