Sun Protection: What Do You Really Need to Know?


As the days continue to get longer, we often get questions from our patients about what type of sun protection they should use. Of course, sun damage is stealth -- no laughing matter. You often don’t know you have it until you’re older, and all those days out on the water, the golf course or the beach have taken their toll. Navigating the world of sun protection is getting more confusing than ever, however. Long gone are the days when a simple application of zinc-oxide on your nose or an application of Bullfrog will do the job. The beauty industry, however, has made sun protection WAY more complicated than it needs to be, blurring lines between mineral, chemical and physical applications. Which is safer, which is most effective, and how do any of these apply to you? We can classify sunscreens into two categories based on the type of UV filters contained within them. The first is organic (strangely, enough, referred to as “chemical”) and the second is inorganic (“mineral”). Chemical filters contain [...]