Reflections, Lessons, and a Message of Appreciation


Over the course of a “normal” year, my team and I perform a huge array of surgeries and procedures. But 2020 was different.  In addition to our work schedule, we observed some tough and ever-changing health protocols to keep our patients (as well as ourselves) safe from COVID-19. As a result, we have come to appreciate all of you even more -- the care you took in following directions, the positive attitude you exuded when arriving in our office or at the hospital, and the gratefulness you expressed for the results of our labors. You have impressed and inspired us in so many ways that are hard to express. As we close out the holiday season, we wish you a great 2021 while pushing boundaries and continuing to adapt to the changes the past year imposed on us. We know we will never be the same. But because of your resilience and especially that of the greater medical community, who has worked so hard to save as many lives as possible, we also [...]